Reduce your material cost

Animal bedding is a major cost center for any operation. Based on surveys of our customers, the average material cost per week per stall (12 x 12) after switching to Natural Bedding dropped by 20%, and for many, much higher. The reason is that our bedding is so absorbent, muckers can easily remove concentrated areas without much loss of fresh material. This results in much lower consumption of bedding and more than offsets the price per pound difference.

Shrink your disposal costs

Your disposal options and associated cost is very much influenced by your location and setup. If you live in a location that requires hauling off the muck on a weight basis, then this product will undoubtedly be your best friend. By having to dispose of far less volume of waste, you can cut your disposal costs by as much as 40%. On the other hand, if you land-apply, you know how much labor is expended hauling, dumping, and spreading. By significantly reducing the number of trips, you can reduce your labor costs.

Reduce those pesky flies

Flies are annoying. So is the smell of a dirty stall. Our customers have told us one of their favorite features of Natural Bedding is the improved smell and major reduction in flies. The high absorbency helps to reduce the ammonia smell caused by unabsorbed urine while also reducing the number of flies. Less fly spray anyone?

General Properties/Product Specifications

AppearanceProcessed Straw, Golden Brown 

Packaging Details:  Bag Type LDPE (white) Dimensions 14.5” x 16” x 24” Bag Volume (loose) ~6.7 ft³ Weight 35-38 lbs. Bags per Pallet 30 

 Technical Properties:  Bulk Density (loose) 5.5 lb/ft³ Loss on Drying <14% Particle Size <2% passes 500-micron sieve Dust Count* <10 mg/m³ 

 Storage Recommendations: Storage Conditions Keep out of direct sunlight in covered, dry area Shelf Life 12+ Months *Meets OSHA exposure limits (8hr) for Nuisance Particulates (§1926.55)