Miscanthus Bedding By The Bag

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Miscanthus Bedding By The Pallet 

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Is Miscanthus bedding difficult to muck? 

 It is easy to muck. The high absorbency of Miscanthus bedding means you remove only the wet material with a much higher degree of accuracy. This also makes mucking much quicker while also resulting in a much smaller muck heap for disposal as compared to wood or sawdust shavings. This significantly reduces consumption and disposal costs.

What makes Miscanthus Bedding Different?

Due to the spongey inner core of Miscanthus, which is known as the ‘pith’ inside the cane, Miscanthus bedding is far more absorbent than wood shavings. In fact, the bedding is so absorbent that any liquid is held in a very compact area meaning you can very accurately lift out the wet material and top-up with new dry material. This means the bedding lasts longer and is more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, we have been told by satisfied customers that cases of thrush have been significantly reduced due to dryer stall conditions.

How will Miscanthus Bedding Save You Money? 

Miscanthus bedding on a per bag basis is more expensive than most wood chips, shavings, or sawdust products. However, you will require far less quantity (30-50%). And, depending on where you live and your legal disposal/spreading options, we have seen disposal costs drop by 30-50% for most users. Additionally, there is far less muck, reducing labor efforts during daily management.